Privacy, Usage and Copyright Statement

This page contains an overview of the procedures and rules that are used for securing transactions and personal information on the Turkish e-Government Gateway. All components of the e-Government Gateway system take all necessary precautions to protect the information that is presented and collected from its users.

Protection of Personal Information

Personal information, which is shared with the e-Government Gateway in order to use the services, can only be seen by authorized personnel with the sole purpose of protection and optimization of the system. Personal information is never shared with third parties, agencies or companies unless there is a legal obligation or the owner of the information gives permission to do so. No exceptions will be made to this rule, unless the is a legislation that mandates the release of such information.


All rights of the elements that are used in the visual design and programming of the e-Government Gateway are reserved and copyrighted by the e-Government Gateway unless otherwise stated. Copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other properties that have a competitive advantage, are the property of the e-Government Gateway.

Limited Liability

Interoperability of the e-Government Gateway depends on links to other official websites and/or web services offered by these institutions. The terms and conditions that are outlined in this document are only valid on the e-Government Gateway domain and are not valid on other web sites or services offered on these web sites.

The web sites that are linked from the e-Government Gateway have privacy, usage and copyright policies of their own. The e-Government Gateway cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage that is caused by the quality of information, ethical principles, privacy policies, technical problems.

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